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Faithful Footprints

Rockwood United Church was delighted to receive a Faithful Footprints Grant from The United Church of Canada to support the installation of two new gas furnaces including one for the church itself and another for the house owned by the church and leased to East Wellington Community Services (EWCS). Both furnaces were well over 20 years old and an important part of the church’s plan to improve its energy efficiency. The timing of the grant could not have been better as the house furnace broke just as grant funding was confirmed.

The furnace was quickly replaced with minimal disruption to EWCS and was celebrated as volunteers and users were kept warm over the winter months. Replacement of the furnace in the church followed. With the furnaces now replaced, the church can now focus future building improvements on other areas where efficiencies can be gained such as lighting.  While new furnaces may be hidden from view, we are grateful for the peace of mind they offer both from an environmental perspective and from an outreach perspective as we are able to continue to use our buildings to host and support our community.   

Stone United Church was grateful to receive a generous grant to replace windows in the sanctuary. Not only will the new windows help care for the environment by reducing our fuel consumption, they let us enjoy the beauty of God’s creation all around our church. Thanks to members and friends of Stone who bought the old, frosted glass windows.