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Contemplation and Conversation

6th Sunday of Easter, May 22, 2022

Scripture: Psalm 67 NRSV
From Rev. Heather Leffler:

We long for God’s grace to shine on us today. The challenges and struggles seem never ending. We thought we would be through the pandemic by now but the health, physical, emotional, economic and other challenges continue ... continued protests ... war in Ukraine with impacts reverberating around the world... people we care about not well ... and now a devasting storm. Where is God? Where is God’s grace and blessings?

And yet listen to the stories of people coming to the aid of family, neighbours, friends and strangers … checking in on each other … taking ladders and tools to friends … helping to cleanup yards … cutting trees … sharing hot meals when a loved one is sick. These for me are signs of God’s grace and blessing. Through people who reach out in love and prayer, I know God’s love in the most challenging times.

Contemplation and Conversation

Where do you see God’s blessing?


Holy Mystery, thank you for your love that shines through your people.
May we reflect your deep and abiding love to others
through our prayers, words and actions. Amen.