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Contemplation and Conversation

4th Sunday after Pentecost, June 20, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 133

Contemplation and Conversation:

What is good and pleasant about being part of Rockwood and Stone United Churches?

From Rev. Heather Leffler:

The church has always been  part of my life. Growing up it was the place where I met four generations of my mom and dad’s family each Sunday. We worshipped together, took part in Sunday School and studies, fundraisers and other activities, arranged family gatherings and celebrated special events and the lives of those we loved. The church was so much a part of the fabric of our lives I never thought about how I would describe what it meant to me.

Entering ministry and serving four wonderful congregations over the last 22 years, I began to realize how hard it is for those of us who are active in the church to describe what it means to us. It is challenging to convince our children and grandchildren who grew up with “Don’t eat those squares they are for the church” or “Shh … quiet the minister is talking” or “We have tried that before” to know that they are welcome and valued as part of the church.

One of the things we have learned in the pandemic is how much being “kindred liv[ing] together in unity” has meant for us in this time. Worshipping on Zoom, sharing reflections, phone, calls and emails, and socially distanced visits and fundraisers has drawn us closer as Rockwood and Stone congregations. It has offered us a place to sort through or set aside the noise and confusion of contradictory messages and grounded us in the love of God we know through Jesus. We have had the chance to share our joys and challenges and been assured we are not alone. This time has reminded us that being a part of our church family is indeed a gift. I pray this time helps us find the words to share this gift with others so they may experience the blessing of our Lord forever more.

Whether you are at home trying to help slow the spread of the virus,
working to help care for those who are impacted most by COVID-19
or working to keep some normalcy in this time,
may you know God’s deep and abiding love in your life.
Know you are a valued part of our Rockwood and Stone United Church families.